Thursday, October 4, 2007

i lov3 japanese class it fulfills my desire to become closer to my culture from which i sometimes feel separated from. I am catching on to kanji. I especially like ichi, ni and san --I have those down. My sakubun is haunting me and I am working ベリベリハード to make it flow. This weekend, I am going home for fall break. I plan on watching lots of anpanman with わたしのおかあさん。

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Anonymous said...

I just thought of how great it is to be us. Or at least how great it is to be me, solely because I have your affection. I feel like we grow closer to each other every day, and the amount I like you also grows every day. I’d say it’s at least from your room to Cabell by now. This is why Im looking forward to going back to school so much.
I hope your Christmas was fun for you and your family, and if you are seeing this pretty late, I hope you had a good new years. I wish that I could have been there to kiss you when the ball fell.
I’ll get you that tongue cleaner as a present. I hope you use it. That would really help me out.
I miss you.
I bet as you’re reading this right now, I’m in India, and I’m not thinking about the anything but you. I can’t wait to write you a postcard. It’ll be the best postcard I’ve ever written.
I wanted to mail this to you, but I don’t know why, I wanted you to find it.
Yours truly,
Ricky Sahu

by the way, this post is why you should take japanese next semeseter