Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hey, when are my Japanese senses going to kick in?


The material for Japanese class is getting harder. But I think it's pretty cool that we're starting to write in kanji. Sometimes when I am doing my homework and I've just written the kanji for "ji", I pat myself on the back and treat myself to a soda pop. Actually, no I don't really, because I don't have any money for a soda pop. I actually blame the inferior economic status that this educational institution puts us under. I study all day and have no time to make money, thus forcing me to become ever more dependent on the financial support of my demanding parents. Actually, that's not true either. I work at the language lab on mon, tues, and wednesday mornings. If you would like to start your day with a bright smile from yours truly, please do come see me. And my parents are not that demanding. They love me. They told me. oh, back to what I was saying. (Sorry for the rant, I tend to go off like this when I've only received 3 hours of sleep. Yes, I'm very tired.) I think that writing kanji is pretty neat. My favorite is the one for "ji" and I think the weirdest one to me is the one for "ichiman". I don't get how that right leg with those two awkward corners.

Anyway, I am having some challenges with Japanese. Now that we've learned more particles and there are many ways to use them, there are different sentence structures that we can create. The possibilities are truly mindblowing. So in class, I will use one sentence structure and then someone will come up with another one and I will be in awe. I also am very very slow at reading. I mean, I thought that since I am half japanese I would know the characters, like it was in my blood. Nope. I was wrong. Any suggestions? I'll gladly consider them.

Anyways, if any of you are interested in international development type stuff. My two friends and I are giving a presentation on the project that we did in South Africa this past summer. We did an engineerin project on how to best implement a biodigester, an alternative fuelsource for cooking, in rural villages in South Africa. If you'd like to hear our presentation do come! I'm not sure where it will be, but you might see flyers for it on grounds - Center for Global Health Symposium. The guest speaker there will be Dr. Michele Barry, director of Yale’s Office of International Health. "Wowerz?!" is probably what you're thinking eh? Yea, people tell me I'm psycho like that. I can't promise you free food, but I can promise you a sincere smile from the bottom of my bottomless heart.

jaa, nemasu. peace out


Ash Ketchum said...

your a funny gal. anywho, i also treat myself, like while studying for this japanese test, i ate half a tub of delicious ice cream. what is this biodegester fuel your talking about? is it only for cooking? cause alternative energy sources are bomb.

クイエン said...

Haha your rants are funny XD
About reading Japanese, today I realize that by knowing the vocabulary, it helps me read faster. Usually I just look at the first two characters and then I read the whole word. Like if I see べんき, I read べんきょうします right away. This is a bad way to do it, because when I read chapter 4 with new words, I read it terribly slow XD
Another thing is kanji. Kanji is easier to read and recognize than Hiragana, but too bad I don't know enough Kanji at this moment yet.

Vero said...

Hello Ash Ketchum,

I have once visited your site too. And I think you have my humour. your title/name/entries are funny too. I was in your class for the beginning of the semester until I transferred to the 10am. Anyways, I hope that ice cream was mad delicious.
The biodigester project is a huge plastic tube that you put cow manure and water into. If you get the oxygen out of the tube, using car exhaust to force any O2 out, you creat an anaerobic system which will creates methane gas, that you can burn for fuel. It has been done in many rural setting around the world and yes, our project only focused this alternative fuel for cooking. yea, alternative energy is the bomb. Please come if you can.

Vero said...

Quyen, you're so smart. And your anime is awesome. Can you draw an anime character of me?

クイエン said...

Sure, if you want ^^ How do you want it to be?