Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What makes a good blog?

In class today we talked about what makes a good blog. I think that this will be helpful for future blogs. I surely do not want to write a blog of complaints because I learned that that makes people sad and is not the preferred reading genre. I learned that pictures enhance the aesthetics and that too much writing is torturous. It is these kinds of suggestions that will make me the superior blogger. Thus to make this blog entry more organized and thus easier to read and more appealing I have outlined points that can help you become the ultimate blogger.

The Ultimate Blogger Guide
  1. Pose a question to your readers about the chapter or anything really. This will make them think.
  2. Post relevant information on the current Chapter and Japanese culture.
  3. Use useful pictures that really enhance the reader's understanding of your feelings.
  4. Don't talk to much. I mean, don't write too much.
  5. Write in Japanese. This will help you write better and the reader read better.
  6. Write about your day and your interests. This will help you make friends.
Well, here is my Japanese student friend. This is what a lot of young children wear too school, so when they are together they look like a bunch of little ducklings. My friend has his yellow thinking cap on and is ready to learn. So yea, if I've forgotten anything above, please let me know. I'll add it and give u credit because I'm an honor student and I have honorable samurai Japanese blood in me.

later taters.


Anonymous said...

That boy is obviously making a fashion statement. Jealous? It's okay ... Halloween is coming up. Perhaps an opportunity to live out your fashion ambitions?

クイエン said...

Wow, I haven't thought of writing questions to make a good blog. I'll definitely do it next time.
The boy is so cute X3. This makes me miss my younger brother.
And by the way, I really like and enjoy your skit today. You and エレンさん did a superb job!
My comments are always so incoherent. ¦D

honya-chan said...

This picture reminds me of when I lived in Japan. We would sometimes go to a nearby Japanese school to meet with Japanese kids. I still have a cat necklace one of them gave me and I'll probably have it for the rest of my life.

On a different note, check my blog for answers to the questions you asked me.