Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Thinking of food

Hello, I'm at work right now. My stomach is gurgling and I have no access to food. I was thinking about it so much that I have dedicated this blog entry to pictures of my favorite Japanese food.

Here is a picture outside of a restaurant with yummy food. How do they get the bowls tilted without spilling the food?
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Here is some yummy sushi. If you do not like raw fish, please refrain from making faces or else
meet me at the back packing lot and I will make you into raw fish.

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Sometimes I'm afraid I might become this man because I like so much food.

This is my favorite desert, banana tempura (and tempura ice cream). So if you want to take me out on a date, please make sure they have banana tempura.

Often times the food come on beautiful dishes. Sometimes I have to tell myself not to eat them.

ok, my stomach is growling the more I write so I will stop.

For the sake of discussion, what is your favorite restaurant and why? Do they have banana tempura?


フン / ジェイ said...

Those displayed food are actually plastic/fake. Amazing huh?

ダニエル said...

good lord that blog made me hungry. i miss all those foods so much. if you're ever in new york city, check out gogo curry on 38th street, closest thing to curry-rice you'll get stateside

honya-chan said...

I haven't had real food in a while. This looks pretty good. Also, thanks for commenting on my blog.

su said...

amazing food!

japanese classes at columbia are a lot of work but also pretty fun. it's about an hour a day four days a week and a lot of homework...but the class has a great sense of humor so it all goes by pretty quickly. we are doing a bunch of verbs now. how about at uva?

Patrick said...

What's in Banana Tenpura? That looks pretty good.