Monday, December 10, 2007

This semester

The speech project was very nice. I talked about my childhood and how I always wanted to talk to my grandparents to learn about their history, but the language barrier prevented me from doing that. So it was sort of a sad essay b/c I talked about how my grandpa has Alzheimer's disease and how he just lays in a bed at the retirement all day. He can't remember his history so he can't teach it to me. So I thought it was a sad, but pretty darn good essay, so I was hoping for some good questions about my family. Instead it was so quiet

...Chirp chirp...

so I couldn't tell if it was b/c the students didn't understand my essay or b/c it was hard to come up with good questions. haha. I thought it was pretty funny.

The speech project was a good conclusion to the semester.